The 1 Major Change that Helped Me Get Out of Obesity

The 1 Major Change that Helped Me Get Out of Obesity

Posted On:
October 12, 2023

If I had one word to describe the most common emotion I felt in the first 25 years of my life it would be hungry. When I was obese or overweight I was ALWAYS hungry. As a result, I ate and gained weight regardless of how much I was working out. I had times I trained for marathons and wouldn’t lose a pound. 

I would have friends and family that would say “I’m so full!” even when they had food still on their plate and that just blew my mind. Sure, I would have less hungry moments, but I never felt like I wouldn’t have room for more food. 

But that all changed when I discovered what really helped me feel satisfied and got me to feeling truly full. And that was increasing my protein intake. While I still had my hungry moments, they became few and far between. While I enjoyed having snacks I didn’t feel like I needed them. 

And increasing my protein was relatively easy. I started by eating 3 packets of tuna rather than 2. I would eat 1.5 to 2 chicken breasts vs the 1. I tried a few protein powders and shakes and found one that I enjoyed the taste and started throwing that into my routine. 

I would make sure that every meal had some kind of protein source, even if it wasn’t the perfect one. If I wanted cereal I swapped out my milk for a protein shake ( which, BTW, is a DELICIOUS swap and I’ll never go back to just milk in my cereal) instead of not eating the cereal and forcing down egg whites and veggies. 

While I still enjoyed desserts and fried foods I was able to be more content on less because I was filling up on other foods, which I NEVER thought would be possible. I thought I would never be the kind of person that could “just stop at 1 serving” if it was a food I really enjoyed. 

If you feel like you are constantly hungry or are out of control around certain foods, try up-ing your protein intake! It truly was a game changer for me. 

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