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Level Wellness offers Wellness and Nutrition Coaching, On Demand Workouts, and Online Personal Training.

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Wellness and Nutrition Coaching

Diets are normally super restrictive and not sustainable long term. At Level Wellness, we focus on smaller changes that are realistic for you and your lifestyle. No food is off limits, but rather we work to create a balance on food that still meets your goals. Love pizza, beer, and cookies? You can have it all, just maybe not all at once or everyday. Wellness and Nutrition Coaching also teaches you how to create and incorporate better behaviors through habits.

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Online Personal Training

Personal Training can be a great tool to get you to your strength or health goals. Personal training through Level Wellness can be done where you want, when you want and costs a fraction of training in person. Every workout is delivered with videos for each exercise, plus an option to track your progress in the app.

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Beginner Strength Training

If you have been intimidated to start strength training, this is the program for you. Workouts with clear instructions designed to start with the basics and build. Workouts are customized to the length that works for you!

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On Demand Workouts

If you love variety in your workouts or are just getting started with working out, Level Wellness On Demand is a great option! Over 80 workouts that range from 5 to 50 minutes. Perfect for working out in the privacy of your home or you can take the workouts to the gym.

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Run Training Programs

Learn to run or train for a new distance! A very detailed training that includes warm ups, stretches, core work and a safe progression of time and distance on your feet. The running programs will transform you into a runner or improve your current skill set.

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The Level Wellness App

All forms of coaching and communication are delivered via the Level Wellness app. Access to the app is included in the cost of coaching and is available to you 24/7, features vary by package but in the app you can: 

  • Track your progress with weight, measurements, and side by side photos.
  • Access workouts which include an in app timer and videos for every workout/exercise. 
  • Habit tracking and calendar to stay on top of your goals. 
  • Resources for how to food log correctly, healthy food guides, recipes, and more! 
  • Videos about goal setting, habit building, eating mindfully, and tips for staying on track. 
  • Direct contact with Teresa via Messaging with guaranteed response within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

The Level Wellness Method

For Wellness and Nutrition clients- The first foundation of coaching is learning how to utilize healthy habits to form a lasting, healthy lifestyle. Every week we work towards improvement vs perfection by setting small and realistic goals. These goals are often nutrition related, but we also work to make sure that you are setting goals to improve your overall health and wellness. The second foundation of coaching is accountability. You will learn not only how to stay accountable to me, but also how to stay accountable to yourself. For so many clients, learning how to hold themselves accountable can be a major game changer.